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Social Studies Dept. - Grades 9-12



In the News...

The Critical Need for a Renewed Focus on Social Studies Education


Read an interview with Dept. Supervisor, Robert Pollaro


Constitution Day

Over the summer of 1787, 55 men gathered in Philadelphia to alter the failing articles of Confederation. Instead, they created a new document that has become one of the greatest and most enduring political writings of human history. The United States Constitution was finished on September 17, 1787. This day has been designated as Constitution Day and is a time to reflect on a national symbol of freedom and justice that makes the United States of America unique.


Visit Constitution Page



Mr. Robert Pollaro
Department Supervisor

Social Studies Department Faculty List



2014-15 Guide to Program Planning

Annual Evaluation



Social Studies Assessment




NY State Education Department

National Council for the Social Studies

New York State Council for the Social Studies

Maps 101

Regents Prep

Center for Civic Education

Financial Literacy

NYS Archives

Teaching History

Center for History and New Media

Advanced Placement






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