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Important information for parents of seniors on ordering yearbook and placing advertisement


Dear Parents,


Congratulations! This year your daughter or son will be a senior at Shaker High School. Senior year is a very special time. During this year, many exciting events will take place, which will provide lasting memories for both students and their families.


Throughout the year, the Shaker High School 2012 Yearbook Staff will be working hard to capture Shaker memories in order to provide students and parents with a lasting remembrance of senior year and life at Shaker High School. You may order a yearbook ($70.00) for your child. This price includes the required sales tax. Senior yearbooks are only available through the advanced order form [PDF]. Senior yearbooks should not be ordered online from Jostens, we process the senior orders and senior ads together. If you order through Jostens you will not be able to personalize your child’s book. We will have a very limited number of books available in the spring at a higher price. In addition, you may want to surprise your son or daughter with one or more of the following options:


Option 1: Becoming a patron.


Option 2: Purchasing a 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or full-page family advertisement, which may include photos and messages.


Please scroll down for detailed information about all options. Please send your money, photos, messages, etc. to Shaker High School by October 14, 2011. Also, if you own a business and are interested in advertising in the yearbook, please contact us at Thank you for your support.




Ms. Felice Clauder
Mrs. Jean Fanniff
Ms. Aimee Gauthier


Yearbook Advisors


Option Details

Please note that all options are due on October 14.


The Yearbook

This year the cost of one yearbook will be $70.00 including the book and your child’s name engraved on the front cover. Please print your child’s name as you wish it to be printed on his/her yearbook cover on the order form (See Page 3). This is for your child’s name only. No messages will be printed on the front of the yearbook. If you do not fill in this line, the yearbook will be engraved with your child’s official transcript name.


If you wish to become a patron or purchase an ad, please add the following amounts to the yearbook price.


Option 1 - Patrons

This enables you to become a patron for the Shaker High School 2012 Yearbook. Any name can be printed on the patron page of the book. In order to become a patron, please add $10.00 to the yearbook price as payment. Please print the name exactly as you wish it to appear in the yearbook. The deadline for patrons is October 14.


Option 2 – Family Advertisement

This is also due October 14. If you would like to submit photos as well as a personal message, you may select a family ad. Any photographs submitted will be available at Shaker High School when your senior receives his/her yearbook. Please write your child’s name on the back of the photographs. There are four sizes of advertisements to choose from (see order form). Color photos of good quality may be used. They need to be pictures from a photo lab. Please do not send any computer printed photos. Polaroids and newspaper pictures will not be accepted. For digital pictures, please include the CD. Ads will be printed in color. The yearbook staff will design your ad. In order to assure the best picture possible Please DO NOT cut the pictures. If the pictures are cut when we scan them, we may not be able to get the full effect that you desire. If you have a specific area that you want included or excluded, please give us instructions and we will scan only the area that you want. We will arrange them to fit the space. The photo can be a picture of your child at any age. It is especially nice for families whose last child is graduating this year and want to include a picture of all Shaker High School graduates.


Remember: Please DO NOT cut the pictures.


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