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2010-2011 North Colonie/Shaker Community Grant Awardees


Jill Goldberg, Boght Hills Elementary School

Ms. Goldberg was awarded a grant to develop differentiated instructional learning centers for mathematics. The goal of the centers is to develop the strategies students need in order to learn mathematical understanding, problem solving and mastery of basic skills. Students will learn to think critically, solve problems creatively, collaborate with peers, and effectively communicate their process and solution.


Paul Aubin, Shaker High School

Mr. Aubin was awarded a grant to purchase Digital Drawing Pads to support the computer arts curriculum. The drawing tablets will bridge the gap between the importance of drawing and digital art. The goal is to get the students to use the computer to create drawings digitally by incorporating photo imagery and the ability to draw within a photograph.


Siobhan Matrose, Kim Rixman & Pam Burns, Shaker High School

A grant was awarded to fund a newly developed writing center. The center would focus on writing conferences about the college essay. The goal would be to train peer tutors to respond to seniors’ college application essays. The hope in that they will engage in authentic conversations about the purpose and product of writing and discussing their writing with their peers and not only their teachers. Students will learn to take responsibility for their own writing.


Myra Nathan & Michelle Vasilakis, Southgate Elementary School

A grant was awarded to develop visual supports to increase social and academic success in the regular education classroom for the higher functioning children on the autism spectrum. The desired outcome of this program is to increase the ability of the regular education teachers to differentiate instruction for visual learner as well as to provide scaffolding steps to students in order to help them break down tasks and directions.


Amy Kimbler & Sarah Wing, Loudonville Elementary School

A grant was awarded to the School Success Team at Loundonville to plan and implement a Character Education curriculum for the 2011-2012 school year. Templates and materials created will be shared across school buildings in the district. This year long program would teach tolerance, acceptance, global awareness and would foster interpersonal skills.



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